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Marketing leadership that comes highly recommended

We’re confident in our ability to address the unique needs and challenges of small and medium-sized businesses — but don’t just take our word for it!

Here’s what some of our clients, partners and former colleagues have to say about our work:

“Allergy Partners is the nation’s largest private practice in allergy and immunology with 140 locations of service in 20 states. We had the good fortune of working with Cindy who conducted an audit of our practice’s historical marketing functions and provided us with thoughtful recommendations about how to reorganize and prioritize initiatives going forward. Initially we had concerns about Cindy’s limited experience in working with a physician practice, but these were quickly laid to rest. Cindy started her engagement by interviewing some of the company’s key stakeholders. She also reviewed our past business practices and internal processes and was quickly able to ascertain the key drivers to the success of our practice. She then laid out an effective structure and plan for elevating our marketing department and succinctly communicated her findings and recommendations to our leadership team. Following the conclusion of her initial engagement, we retained Cindy’s services to help with the recruitment of new leadership for our marketing department. I highly recommend Cindy. She is highly organized, professional, and deliberate in her approach. Her deliverables have consistently exceeded our expectations.”
Larry Armor, Chief Operating Officer at Allergy Partners
“I was fortunate to partner with Cindy for over two years on the development and commercialization of a new consumer digital product at Allstate. Cindy is an exceptional marketing leader. In addition to the quality and diversity of her functional experience and skill set, Cindy’s savvy business judgment and pragmatic approach made her a valuable partner in designing and executing an end-to-end go-to-market strategy – in an emerging space where there are not many well-worn patterns and approaches. As the partnership with Cindy continued, she expanded her contributions upstream and took on a product management role, guiding a team of designers and engineers to create an engaging interactive feature offering. In this role, Cindy was effective at drawing out the strengths and subject matter knowledge of a diverse cross-functional team, and then channeling this collective energy in an inspiring direction focused fully on the consumer. Even as an outside consultant, Cindy managed to have a tremendous impact on our people. She cultivated strong, caring relationships across our team, and was frequently sought out as a mentor. There are multiple individuals on our team who would say that Cindy helped them grow professionally and personally. It was an honor to work with someone of Cindy’s caliber. I would gladly recommend her as a seasoned and versatile marketing leader who can drive results and build people up along the way.”
Jason Park, Chief Growth Officer at Allstate Identity Protection

“I had the pleasure of working with Cindy on a high-visibility innovation project. She is very good at communicating complex ideas in a meaningful way, both with internal teams and through marketing strategy concepts. She continually adds a high degree of value by pushing the envelope on new and innovative marketing approaches. Additionally, she is great at developing and coaching others. She is always very professional and always puts the client first. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again and highly recommend her.”

Stephanie Larson Bonday, Marketing Consultant

“It’s actually difficult to write a recommendation for Cindy because she’s so amazing … I’m not sure I can do her justice. I was fortunate enough to hire Cindy as a marketing strategist for a new innovation business at Allstate Insurance. Cindy and I collaborated for over two years and she is an incredible professional with an enviable, multi-dimensional skill set and knowledge base. She cared about our growth goals, our product, and our team as if they were her own. She provided not only top-tier strategy and impeccable deliverables but also constant thought leadership and mentorship for the entire team. Cindy always went the extra mile to collaborate, innovate and push the work to a higher level. Honestly, I can’t believe I was lucky enough to find someone as talented, intelligent, caring, dedicated and to be my marketing partner over the last 2.5 years. She made a lasting impact on the business, the product and on me. If you’re lucky enough to hire and work with Cindy, I’m absolutely confident you’ll feel the same!”

Nicolette de Guia, Head of Consumer Innovation and Design at Allstate Digital Ventures
“Our team was lucky enough to secure Cindy as a go-to-market advisor for a very high-potential innovation program at Allstate. She was a trusted leader across the team, building strong relationships and making an impact in every facet of the emerging business. Cindy has a very results-driven approach to marketing, combined with an innovative, forward-thinking mindset that is focused on giving the company a competitive edge. She is a top expert in her field, impressively resourceful, and makes a point to stay informed and connected within the evolving industry. Beyond that, Cindy has become a valued friend and mentor for myself and many others on my team. I would recommend Cindy to any growth-focused company a million times over.”
Amanda Seider, Director of Maketing at Allstate Identity Protection
“I had the good fortune to collaborate with Cindy on a project for a client that was developing a new consumer mobile app. She led the development of the go-to-market strategy and marketing plan on this project for a Fortune-500 company. Cindy is great to work with, talented, intelligent, and brings a wealth of experience to any marketing challenge. I was always amazed at her ability to guide the team while working with people at all levels of management, including the C-suite. Her knowledge of marketing strategy and tactics is unmatched. I cannot recommend Cindy enough!”
Peter Athans, Group Product Manager at Peapod Digital Labs

“I have known Cindy Weidmann for many years and have collaborated with her successfully on several projects. She has an in-depth knowledge of marketing and is able to consistently develop and execute marketing strategies and initiatives that help take companies to the next level. Recently, I had the pleasure of partnering with her on a high-profile technology solution for one of her consulting clients.

Cindy demonstrated a thorough understanding of her client’s goals, needs, and expectations and encouraged my team to develop a solution that was innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and end-user driven. Throughout the entire process, Cindy impressed me with her customer-centric approach, which resulted in a solution that exceeded both her client and key stakeholder expectations. Cindy is a consummate professional who possesses an expert capacity in driving insightful and forward-looking marketing solutions. I’d recommend her to any organization that needs help with improving the effectiveness of its marketing efforts or achieving its growth goals.”

Glenn Firmender, Senior Account Executive at DisplayCraft

“I consider Cindy a trusted partner who consistently brings care, attention, critical thinking, and action to how product and marketing efforts are defined and pursued. As both a leader and role player in larger teams, she knows how to move both early stage strategies and later stage execution plans forward, using just the right balance of business savvy, curiosity, teamwork, attention to detail, and “get-it-done-ness” to help collaborations succeed.”

Jim Stanley, Principal and General Manager at Stamen Design
“I highly recommend Cindy Weidmann in her role as a marketing consultant. Not only is she very knowledgeable about marketing, she also understands and can articulate the relationship of marketing with sales and operations, which is critical for a service-oriented company. Cindy is an individual that shows a high level of engagement in her assignments. She was quick to understand our business and put together a simple, but comprehensive plan and blueprint for our company.

Right from the beginning, she became part of our senior management team – yet she connected with all levels of our organization. This was key to evaluating the needs of not only our external customers but our internal customers as well.

Cindy will receive future assignments from us and I will, without hesitation, network her name with other business leaders.”

John Sypek, President & CEO at AWP, Inc.

“I was in search mode for a world-class marketing executive to help our company in two key categories. First was to coach our Director of Marketing who is extremely bright but needed additional guidance to accelerate our growth at the required pace. The second priority was to build a formal marketing plan with an associated operating calendar and action plan. Cindy Weidmann was the obvious choice, after several interviews. She was the perfect blend of strategy, science and art, which are all important components of marketing and branding.

Cindy stepped in quickly and built a 10-week program to address our needs. She met regularly with our Director and kept me updated along the way on their progress. Cindy met her commitments in every category and was able to give me insights into other areas of development for my Director. She infused a great deal of confidence in our Director who as a result presented a very well-thought-out marketing plan to our firm’s Board of Directors – with phenomenal results. I am happy to serve as a reference for Cindy and would hire her again in the future to help with similar marketing, branding and growth initiatives.”

Dave Beaulieu, Senior Vice President, Global Sales at MaritzCX
“When I first met Cindy Weidmann, I was looking for guidance on developing strategies and a marketing plan to help our organization meet our growth objectives. Throughout the months I spent working with her, every one of my objectives and expectations were met.

Cindy did amazing at absorbing information about our business and helping me to translate that into an effective SWOT and strategic marketing plan. She listened closely to not only the details of the business, but also listened and helped me address the challenges that I faced in my role as a marketing leader. By working with her, I was able to increase my confidence in my decision-making and leadership skills. I definitely recommend Cindy as a partner to any organization that is looking to take their marketing and team to the next level.

Melissa Herrett, Product Marketing Manager at InMoment
“I recently worked with a fast growing, medium-sized company on a sales and marketing consulting project. This client needed help with building a sales organization. As part of this project, the client was also intent on expanding their marketing team and engaged Cindy Weidmann to assess their marketing department, initiatives and processes. Cindy studied and learned the client’s market as well as the opportunities in their business very quickly. She also analyzed some of their key competitors and conducted a survey to gain insights from their customers. The depth and breadth of her work was impressive – to say the least. Her presentation to senior management involved a comprehensive assessment of the client’s current state of business, including their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Cindy also presented a marketing plan that provided specific recommendations on the actions that the client should take to grow their market share across 19 different industry segments.

Her work ethic, professionalism and attention to detail was second to none. She was very convincing in identifying problem areas and explaining how she was able to draw her conclusions. These in turn became the opportunities for improvement and recommendations for positive change. The client was also very impressed with Cindy’s collaborative and professional style. This made for a comfortable, open discussion with the senior team. Needless to say, Cindy worked very well with the client.

I highly recommend Cindy to client companies that are searching for an objective, strategic and customer-focused analysis of their business.”

Angelo Savaiano, Vice President of Business Development at Savy Solutions

“I hired Cindy Weidmann to complete a consulting project I had in the medical field. She was a very quick study – learned the market and the client’s business incredibly fast. The end-to-end work that she undertook involved a comprehensive assessment of the client’s marketing department; integration with marketing automation; development of a high level marketing plan and creation of the marketing budget required to execute the programs needed to grow the top-line. I was impressed. Cindy is able to convincingly identify problem areas, explain how she’s drawn conclusions and then make recommendations for a cure. She has a great sense for developing an overall strategy and then translating that into specific tactics to enable an implementable action plan. Cindy interacted very professionally with the client and exhibited a very collaborative working style with me. Without question, I would hire her again when opportunities arise.

Vice President, Global Marketing at medical services and healthcare IT firm

“Cindy Weidmann is a very bright, talented and strategically focused marketing executive. A visionary and results-oriented leader, she understands B2B marketing at all levels and sets a high standard. Time and again, that standard has resulted in driving and achieving real results.

She is one of the most effective client partners I’ve had the opportunity to work with, empowering a collaborative team effort that results in innovative and ROI focused solutions. Cindy takes a very strategic view of business requirements while possessing an exceptional knowledge of the tactical issues, including complex web and interactive solutions. Her competencies are vast, communication style candid and fair, and in the years we’ve worked together, I have seen how she has made her teams, including me, better professionally.”

Jim DeVuono, Major Account Specialist at Morris Business Solutions

“Cindy Weidmann is a well-established marketing professional with very strong customer focus. She possesses a high energy level and consistently delivers on her commitments. She demonstrated in-depth knowledge of our North America customers’ needs and effectively translated those needs into well-defined marketing strategies and communication plans. She was instrumental in developing high-quality marketing plans, engaging with sales stakeholders, and enabling the sales force to enhance our value creation and service to our OEM and specifier customers. Cindy succeeded in achieving challenging results through others in a changing environment, which made her a much appreciated marketing professional and motivating colleague to work with.”

Kiril Penev, Former Senior Business Transformation Leader at Philips Lighting

“Cindy Weidmann is very collaborative in her way of working, building trust and confidence with stakeholders via her leadership style. She is keen on developing vital outside-in understandings and building innovative strategies, programs and processes delivering value for customers beyond the norm. From customer understanding, Cindy developed a strategic marketing plan at Philips from the ground up and executed the plan. She has a very strong work ethic and a passion to win. It was a rewarding experience working together with Cindy!”

Tom Bosworth, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Burton Medical
“Working with and/or for Cindy Weidmann is one of those oft rare growth opportunities an individual comes across in their careers. She isn’t satisfied with being a leader, but creates a team environment that brings out leaders in everyone who works with her. She has vision and a results-driven attention to detail that fosters an environment of success. I learned a lot from her and I’m a better professional for the opportunity.”
Kevin Dunham, Client Category Solutions Manager at CDW

“You know how in sports, there is the last minute play that will clinch the championship, and how only the top player is called to make that play. Well, Cindy Weidmann is that person. She is the professional you want on your team. She will motivate others to perform above their abilities. She will work harder than anyone else to ensure the team is successful. She will flawlessly develop and execute strategic plans to drive revenue and other key objectives. Simply put, Cindy is an MVP.”

Tina Hurd Winston, Senior Director at National Restaurant Association
“Cindy Weidmann is a results-driven marketing professional with an uncompromising commitment to exceed expectations. Her integrity and work ethic, in my opinion, are unmatched. She is open-minded, strategic, and decisive while accurately assessing opportunities and the correct strategies to maximize those opportunities.”
Jolanta Urosevich, Communications Manager at Allstate Roadside Assistance
“Cindy Weidmann is an impressive strategist who insists that marketing programs be rooted in solid business objectives. Having worked with her on several programs targeting a variety of industries, I was impressed by her ability to understand the unique challenges of each industry and embrace innovative approaches to meet those challenges. She is also an effective leader who solicits and acts on feedback while motivating team members to exceed their own expectations.”
Ron Loch, Chief Operating Officer at G&S Business Communications
“Cindy Weidmann is a marketing leader who has a strong understanding of digital strategy and implementation. She excels at defining and setting marketing strategy and objectives and then uniting and inspiring a diverse team of stakeholders to achieve those goals. I am impressed with her ability to understand the details and individual roles within any initiative without losing sight of the broader long-term perspective. She is a strong, dedicated leader who is committed to achieving success and using marketing to add value and help build a business.”
Doug Manning, President at Manning Digital