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Assess your efforts, boost your ROI

You’re already off and running with your marketing efforts. Just don’t run backwards!

With our marketing audit services, we’ll conduct an objective assessment of your marketing plan and touchpoints, traditional and digital campaigns, dashboards and metrics, marketing processes, and marketing technology platforms. We’ll also assess whether you have adequate resources to meet your goals, and determine what the structure of your marketing team should look like based on your growth objectives.

With the assessment completed, we’ll hand over our findings, as well as provide recommendations that are practical and actionable. If you’re looking for ways to increase your ROI — and who isn’t? — a solid marketing audit is a very good place to start.

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Why Choose Us

      • We have 20+ years experience across a broad range of marketing functions
      • We specialize in partnering with small and medium-sized businesses
      • We have experience with high growth, turnaround and startup companies
      • We have a proven track record of transforming marketing from the ground up
      • We are passionate about driving positive change that delivers real results
      • We are committed to helping our clients succeed
      • We believe in doing business with honesty, integrity and enthusiasm

What Our Clients & Colleagues Say

“I hired Cindy Weidmann to complete a consulting project I had in the medical field. She was a very quick study – learned the market and the client’s business incredibly fast. The end-to-end work that she undertook involved a comprehensive assessment of the client’s marketing department; integration with marketing automation; development of a high level marketing plan and creation of the marketing budget required to execute the programs needed to grow the topline. I was impressed. Cindy is able to convincingly identify problem areas, explain how she’s drawn her conclusions and then make recommendations for a cure. She has a great sense for developing an overall strategy and then translating that into specific tactics to enable an implementable action plan. Cindy interacted very professionally with the client and exhibited a very collaborative working style with me. Without question, I would hire her again when opportunities arise.”
VP, Global Marketing at medical services & healthcare IT firm
“I recently worked with a fast growing, medium-sized company on a sales and marketing consulting project. This client needed help with building a sales organization. As part of this project, the client was also intent on expanding their marketing team and engaged Cindy Weidmann to assess their marketing department, initiatives and processes.

Her work ethic, professionalism and attention to detail was second to none. The client was also very impressed with Cindy’s collaborative and professional style. This made for a comfortable, open discussion with the senior team. Needless to say, Cindy worked very well with the client.

I highly recommend Cindy to client companies that are searching for an objective, strategic and customer-focused analysis of their business.”

Angelo Savaiano, Vice President of Business Development at Savy Solutions