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Guiding your marketing leaders

Help your marketing leaders increase their contribution to your business with our one-on-one coaching services. Whether you need to foster more strategic thinking, boost planning abilities, improve decision-making or enhance your marketing team’s leadership or functional marketing skills, our one-on-one coaching services can accomplish these goals — and fast. Let us help you mentor your marketing leaders to accelerate their professional development and growth.

Our one-on-one coaching programs are always tailored to the needs of the business — and the individual — so you’re sure to emerge with marketing leaders who will be ready to take on your business’ most crucial challenges.

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Accelerate the growth and impact of your marketing leadership.

It all starts with a conversation. Contact CFW Marketing Consultancy today to get the support you and your team need!
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Why Choose Us

      • We have 20+ years experience across a broad range of marketing functions
      • We specialize in partnering with small and medium-sized businesses
      • We have experience with high growth, turnaround and startup companies
      • We have a proven track record of transforming marketing from the ground up
      • We are passionate about driving positive change that delivers real results
      • We are committed to helping our clients succeed
      • We believe in doing business with honesty, integrity and enthusiasm

What Our Clients & Colleagues Say

“Working with and/or for Cindy Weidmann is one of those oft rare growth opportunities an individual comes across in their careers. She isn’t satisfied with being a leader, but creates a team environment that brings out leaders in everyone who works with her. She has vision and a results-driven attention to detail that fosters an environment of success. I learned a lot from her and I’m a better professional for the opportunity.”
Kevin Dunham, Category Manager at CDW
“You know how in sports, there is the last minute play that will clinch the championship, and how only the top player is called to make that play. Well, Cindy Weidmann is that person. She is the professional you want on your team. She will motivate others to perform above their abilities. She will work harder than anyone else to ensure the team is successful. She will flawlessly develop and execute strategic plans to drive revenue and other key objectives. Simply put, Cindy is an MVP.”
Tina Hurd Winston, Director, Global Marketing and Communications at Vision Solutions